PMP 450 900 Mhz with Omnidirectional Antenna


I have a network armed with the PMP 100 in 900 Mhz external connector. AP with sectorial antenna SM mobiles (boats) The PMP 100 is discontinued and its replacement is the PMP 450 I saw that this PMP 450 has double V / H polarization.

I use vertical polarization, for the type of installation. Boats in the water.

Horizontal polarization can be canceled by soft?.

I have to put but a ghost load on the AP and SM Horizontal connectors?

Thanks for all.


The PMP 100 and 450 series products do not interoperate.  You would need to be using 450 on both ends of the link.

The 450 series product in 900 MHz is dual slant (+ and - 45 degrees) polarity, which provides some isolation from both horizontal and vertical polarity antennas.  That said, you can connect only one polarity (if you have a single polar antenna) and utilize only one chain.  This will effectively cut your possible throughput in half.

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I understand!

The other exit, I have to place a phantom charge.

Or it is possible to disconnect by software

Thanks !