PMP 450 and ePMP Synchronization

Need to synchronize the two platforms together??

Wait no more. With the new Beta software for ePMP (R 3.5.2-RC15) you can now synchronize the systems...

See Scott's post at the ePMP forum for more details on this!


So you can pair PMP 450 AP with force 180 sm?

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@Shawita 2000 wrote:

So you can pair PMP 450 AP with force 180 sm?

No, that is interoperability. You cannot pair a PMP 450 AP with a Force 180 or any ePMP SM. What this feature brings in is the ability to colocate and frequency reuse between a 450 sector and an ePMP sector. 



Good question Shawita, and Sri is right... the two systems still have different air interface protocols, but this synchronization capability allows less "wasted spectrum" between the systems.  If you use both 450 and ePMP, this may help better utilize available spectrum, and lead to better overall network efficiency.

This is great!

Thanks Matt....