PMP 450 AP Grounding - Cat5 Cable

The PMP-450 installation guide specifies Outdoor CAT5e cable: shielded with copper plated steel. Page 4-16 has a picture of an RJ-45 cable termination that appears to have a shielded connector. My question is whether or not the copper shield in the cable should be connected to the RJ-45 connector shield. This same question should also be asked about the other CAT5e cable terminations at the 600SSH and power supply. It would seem that the copper shield should be “electrically connected” at each piece of equipment. However, the installation manual does not specifically state this requirement.

In contrast, Cambium PTP equipment installation guides clearly shows no connection of the cable copper shield to equipment. Shielded RJ-45 connections are not depicted. The Cat5e cable in PTP equipment is grounded at several locations.

It is my understanding that PMP-450 APs have lightning protection built in, where PTP equipment requires external lightning protection units. So, the CAT5e copper shield may need to be treated differently. Since two different grounding methodologies are used, some confusion exist on my part.

Summary question is: Should the Cat5e copper shield be connected to a shielded RJ-45 connector on a PMP-450 AP, or does the copper shield “float” without connection to any equipment?