PMP 450 AP Lite - Now Avaialble!

We announced today the availability of the PMP 450 AP Lite product.

In a nutshell, this is an AP restricted to 10 Subscribers, but at half the cost!

Read more about where you might use it in my blog post.

See the Press Release here.

Discuss below... and let me know if you're excited about this, have any comments, stories and plans to deploy these things.





Can this product be licence upgraded for higher capacity?


This product has no capacity restrictions compared to the PMP 450 Access Point.

The license key that's available will allow the PMP 450 AP Lite to connect to more than 10 SMs (in effect making it a PMP 450 AP).

The 10 user limit seems a bit low. We have AP's reguarly running 20ish subs for what we would call a micro pop. This might be more attractive if the limit was 20 or 25 and upgradable at that point but at only 10 people (since you still need all the support hardware/antenna/time to put it up) makes a questionable return on investment if your only expecting 10 people off it.