PMP 450 Interference mitigation

Some WISPs have had the opportunity to test out the latest interference mitigation techniques, including beam steering, digital beamforming, and data refinement.

Share your results and experiences with the new features on this thread.

check out the blog post by Matt Mangriotis here.

I have talked with some customers about their experiences using the feature in “trial mode”. I would love to hear from others here. Please post the results you’ve had if you’ve tried it, good or bad.

Note that while we’re working to get the feature permanently into the next major software release, if you need to reset your trial license, please email me directly at: matt @


Will this be available to all existing customers or a license fee per radio?

Great question. Starting with Release 24.0, the Interference Mitigation feature will be included in the software for 5 GHz 450m. This applies to all radios. That is, if you update your software to R24, you can now use the feature. There will be no license fee.

For 3 GHz 450m, we need a little more time to implement the feature, so look for this later in the year (targeting R24.2 for this).


Can you give us any update on what results we would typically see or what others have reported when enabling this feature.

“Typically” is a challenge in this case… benefit will only be seen if the radio is actually experiencing interference. So, results vary widely and are really specific to the conditions under which the sector is operating.

That said, we have talked with many customers that are experiencing great results and improved subscriber experiences (i.e. higher modulation rates and improvements in total uplink throughput) on sectors where they were suffering interference and have enabled this feature. I again invite anyone to post their experiences with using this feature here in this thread.

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este tipo de tecnologia estara disponible para serie epmp3000? y sn?

No, this feature is not available for the ePMP line.

Hello, what should I do to test this feature and how soon will it be released?

This feature is available in R22.2. It’s avaialble in Trial Mode, which means it will run a total of 30 days of runtime (it can be paused, etc.).

It will be included in R24 as a standard feature. We expect to release R24 software at the end of April or early May.

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This is great news good to hear cambium decided to make this feature a standard feature in the end given it has its trade offs (no UL-MUMIMO), and the fact the 450m is the flagship product (and the 450v).

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