PMP 450 New Capabilities webinar

The PMP 450 New Cabapbilites webinar recording is here. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.

If Cambium is releasing a 40mhz channel, does this mean the 30mhz channel will finally be released for 3ghz as well?

What does the roadmap look like for a 3ghz 450m?

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Yes, we are looking to release 30 MHz channels on 3 GHz (along with 40 MHz) very soon.  Still working through the final hurdles on that, but expect the next major software release to include these.

Regarding 450m in 3 GHz, we have started development of this, and are developing the release schedule.  I don't have an exact target date for its release yet... but stay tuned throughout the coming months as we make progress, we'll have more information.

Thanks for the questions!