PMP 450 or ePMP 1000 for 1mile radius nLOS site?

using ePMP 1000 5GHz.

The area of my town is roughly 1mile in radius (2mile in Diameter) and 70 users(4mbps) using at a time .

As you are experienced with the working of ePMP 1000 module,

As Mean Time Between Failure is not given for ePMP 1000,I want to know from you

1)The Efficiency in providing uninterupted service

2)The life of hardware. 

I want to avoid the problems like speeds going down,regular maintainance,short life of hardware hence replacement from time to time.

Thats why you views will be deeply appreciated.

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If your goal is completely nonLOS roughly 1 mile radius then your best bet is probably PMP450i 900MHz.

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