PMP 450 PoE Pinout


A customer of mine is using an Enable-IT 821P PoE Extender (61W - 56V DC) and a 324 PoE Reducer (24V DC 4 Pair PoE pinut) to power on the PMP 450 AP.  However the AP is not getting any power at all.  Everything is tested A-ok, cabling, proper voltage 24 V DC, 4 pair PoE, devices.  I was wondering what the pinout for PoE is for the PMP 450 AP, is it 2 pair PoE on 4,5 & 7,8? I am thinking this is the cause of issue but so many companies don't disclose on their technical specifcations the PoE wiring pairs or pinouts.  Our products are designed to drive Ethernet data and PoE over 328ft to distances of 4,000ft or more depending on the application.  

Any assistance as to what pinout this devices uses for powering on would be very appreciated!

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This information is in the User Guide... let me do a little digging and I will get back to you here.

Well... thanks for pointing this out.  It seems we've eliminated the "legacy" 30 VDC pinout diagram from the User Guide.  Here it is below, and I will make sure it gets back in there before releasing the next version...


Awesome thank you very much for this information! I will relay it to my customer and go from there.

Appreciate the help!

No worries Dan... Welcome to the forum, and don't be afraid to post additional questions and queries.  We are here to help!

I've noticed that the Linktechs PowerLink will power a 450b without the polarity switched cable... does it auto-switch polarity? is this unique to the 450b?

Yes, both the 450b Mid-gain and 450b High Gain are "polarity agnostic".  They require 20-32 VDC input, but can utilize either the "canopy" style, or the "ubnt" style of pinout.