PMP 450 Radius - DLMB/ULMB settings


We use a radius server to configure tiered bandwidth packages (3/1, 7/2, 12/3, 20/5).  We use Cambium-Canopy-DLBR/ULBR to set the package speeds.  We originally had Cambium-Canopy-DLBL/DLBL set as 10% above our package rate to allow for burst.

Recently we have been investigating burst allocation so we set Cambium-Canopy-DLMB/ULMB to 1000 because we wanted minimal burst.  Per the radius dictionary file, those are the Max Burst Downlink/Uplink rates.  However, today when we set those it capped the customer's download speed at 1Mb rather than the package rate defined in DLBR/ULBR.

Would it be possible to get clarification on how these settings interact?  We did not expect the DLMB/ULMB to override DLBR/ULBR.

This is using 16.0.1 and