PMP 450 Repeaters?

Not sure if this is the best place for this post, but I am trying to setup a Point to Multiple Point network, and the client site has multiple line of sight issues.

The only solution I can see is to install repeaters to go around the obstacles.  I am new to the PMP 450s but reading the manuals it doesn't seem like they can be configured as repeaters (they are either access points or subscribers).

Is this the case or am I missing something? 

You are mostly correct, the PMP450 AP's can act as an AP or SM, but not both at the same time... while you can use a PMP450 AP as an SM, there are better/cheaper options available. On the SM side, as you noticed, an SM can only be used as a client.

You might also be confusing/wanting a feature that is available with most WiFi based systems, aka WDS (wireless distributution system), or in other proprietary formats, meshing... in both cases, the ability for a single radio to act as both access point and client in order to repeat a signal. These features are not available in either the PMP450 or ePMP series. There are serious pros/cons to single radio WDS/meshing which you can get more information on by searching around on Google.

Depending on your budget and needs, you might want to first start with ePMP radios for PtP and PtMP for smaller/lower capacity links and/or in 'green field' deployment scenarios. If you're dealing with high density sites and/or interference issues with plans for high capacity/high bandwidth, using a combination of PTP450 or licensed PTP820 for back haul and PMP450 for PtMP would be an excellent choice. Cambium also recently introduced less expensive/licensed locked versions of the PMP450 available to get you started if you want to deploy on that platform and then pay for a license upgrade if you go over 10 subs. It's a great way to get your foot in the door with PMP450 and then expand when you have the revenue to support the license upgrade.

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Thanks Eric for the prompt response!

You have clarified a lot for me, I'll look into the suggestions you've posted and see how it goes.  Thanks again!