Pmp 450 row

Can we operate an older PMP450 AP “ROW” in CBRS? I believe the answer is yes, but I wanted to double check before purchasing.

There were only two versions of older 450 3GHz radios that I know of… the lower band 3.3GHz model, and the higher band 3.6ghz model. There were no ROW models for these bands.

I’m not sure if the lower band 3.3GHz radios are CBRS compliant, and even if they were, you’d be missing out on part of the usable band. The older 3.6ghz model is def CBRS compliant and supports the entire usable band.

C035045A001A, C035045A003A (3.3 – 3.6 GHz) DO NOT BUY!
C036045A001A, C036045A003A (3.55 – 3.8 GHz) GOOD FOR CBRS!

Spec_PMP_450_AP_Sept2016.pdf (262.5 KB)

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Thanks, seems like the range is “close enough”. Is there different hardware/filters in the lower band version? Seems like it could be unlocked for the full band.
It’s been getting harder to find the older 24vdc model and if we need to replace one due to failure, just installing a 450i in some cases is more difficult due to Sync options and 48vdc.

Yes, they have different filters and no they can’t be ‘unlocked’. I’d check with SWG, or poke around on WISP equipment or WISP talk on FB.

The C035045A001A is NOT approved for use in the US. It does not have an FCC ID, and cannot operate in CBRS.

Please be careful if you are finding such a product on the used market.