PMP 450 settings


im new to cambium and i have this pmp450 and SM100 , i wonder about what settings should i use , the distance from AP PMP450 to SM 100 is 2 miles , i set the region , frequency , channel width on the AP and on SM i set the ap selection method to power level .... 

what else should i set or take care of it ... ? please advice 


Are you using PMP100 for SM with PMP 450 AP ? , well they cant work as the radio technology is different PMP 450 is MIMO OFDM while PMP 100 is FSK.

i have this SM , 

5.4/5.7GHz MIMO OFDM - Subscriber Module 
Software Version :

and this AP 

5.7GHz MIMO OFDM - Access Point 
Software Version :

may be i posted the wrong model but above is what i have ..


Yeah PMP100 ae different line of products,

coming back to your problem, make sure region code, frequency, channel bandwidth, cyclic prefix are all matching in AP and SM. Instalation Color code should be enabled.

On AP , what are sync setting under Configuration ->General, if you are using AutoSync then AP must have a GPS Sync pulse.

Do you have line-of sight to SM from AP ?

You may run Spectrum Alanyser under Tools

What kind of antenna you have?

frequency, channel bandwidth, cyclic prefix are all matching in AP and SM >>>>>all matching . Instalation Color code should be enabled. Yes 

GenerateSync is selected ,should I change it to AutoSync ?

and yes i have line of sight .. 

Antenna type 5 GHz - 60° Sector Antenna

Max Range :
 Miles (Range: 1 — 40 miles)
Downlink Data :
 % (Range: 15 — 85 %)
Control Slots :
 ( Range: 1 — 15 )
Broadcast Repeat Count :
 (Range : 0 — 2)
Power Control
Transmitter Output Power :
 dBm ( Range: -30 — +22 dBm ) (15 dBm H / 15 dBm V)
External Gain :
 dB ( Range: 0 — +35 dB )
SM Receive Target Level :
 dBm (Range : -77 — -37 dBm) combined power
Multicast Data Control1X   2X   4X   6X  
Multicast VC Data Rate :
Multicast Repeat Count :
 (Range : 0 — 2)
Multicast Downlink CIR :
appreciate you quick reply .... 

Generate sync is fine, What does Spectrum Analyser show ?

Can you upgrade your setup to 13.4 , if yes please send me your configuration file of AP and SM, they are placed under Configuration -> Unit Setting , Download them and attach here.

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