PMP 450 SM with PMP 430 AP

Hi, Is it possible to use PMP450 SM with PMP430 AP? If yes how it can be done?

Hi, This is not supported. 

If I buy SM 450,  I have to remove all AP 430 in the network?? All my network has AP430 and SM430 is not produced any more.

This is too much expensive for the customers.

To begin migration, you'll need to replace your PMP 430 AP with a PMP 450 AP.  In this manner, you can now add either PMP 430 SM or PMP 450 SM to this network.  You can begin the migration to a PMP 450 network.

There are PMP 430 SMs still available for sale, except within the EU in 5.4 GHz, where they are now restricted from sale due to ETSI regulations.

Replace of PMP 430 AP with a PMP 450 AP it is a very high cost and it takes time. What will happen with the old system (AP430)? They cannot be in use anymore.

The PMP 430 system will continue to operate as normal. If necessary, as migration to PMP 450 takes place, the older equipement could be redeployed in new areas.

I don't  know if I have understood well.

Migration (replacement) of PMP 430 to PMP 450 can be done phisicaly or by software?

The redeployement of older equipment in new areas is not profitible because even the PMP 430 SM are not in sale asn not compatible with PMP 450 SM