PMP 450 Update Webinar

Here is the recording from today's webinar. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.


Here are the slides from the webinar.

As usual, if there are questions that didn't get answered on the webinar, or if anything further pops up, feel free to ask in this thread.

Thanks for attending!


That's great we can now do 5ms frame size on the PMP450m. You mentioned in a 5 MHz channel we could expect 30-40% gain in TP, what would you estimate the % TP gain is for a 20 MHz channel (and associated latency increase)?



Latency effectively doubles, from the 3-5 ms to a 7-10 ms AP to SM measurement, due to the longer frame length.

In 20 MHz channels, we have seen maximum speeds go from about 130 Mbps to about 155 or even 160 Mbps in testing, or about 15-20% increase.

Again, those are under ideal conditions, so in a real deployment, results will likely vary.

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I'm probably a broken record by now, but any word on a 3ghz 450b (high gain) cpe to go with that sweet sweet 450m?  :)

Great question... we have kicked off the program, and have started on the development of the 3 GHz 450b.

We aren't far enough along to give you an expected release date however, so stay tuned to future webinars.

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