PMP 450

I would Like to suggest a Signal Quality check option.

I am partially responsible for a large growing PMP450 network, Migrated from legacy PMP100, now a mixture of 450, 450i & 450m in the 5ghz and 3ghz spectrum. This network is almost to the 5k mark.

We are looking to have the have the installers mentain a good quality RSSI when installing the SMs. As we all know more degraded RSSI / Signal quality the more resource is pulled from an AP, so by curbing the bad signals, the quality of service will improve for everyone.


Is it possible to limit the RSSI / Signal quality the AP allow SMs to connect?

Lets say like a client is installed and the RSSI is -75 but we have a hard limit set to -65 or better. That SM would be denied access until it can be installed with better signal Quality or HiGain used to improve the RSSI / Signal to an acceptable level...

P.S. I am new to the forum. I have scanned for this forum but didn't find anything in that regard. If there is already a solution please point be to it, if not how can we work on it.

Thank You,


It's interesting that PMP450 doesn't have this... because ePMP does.

I submitted this to engineering, and it's currently being reviewed. Great idea!