PMP 450B led power en azul

Buenas tardes a todos, tengo un PMP 450B que dejo de responder, al momento de revisar notamos que solo enciende el led power en azul y a nivel ethernet no da ninguna respuesta. Habrá alguna forma de recuperar el radio?

Muchas gracias por sus aportes.

Good afternoon everyone, I have a PMP 450B that stopped responding, at the time of checking we noticed that it only lights up the power led in blue and at the ethernet level it does not give any response. Is there any way to recover the radio?

Thank you very much for your contributions.

Hi Mared26, has an attempt been made to default the radio, per the user manual instructions? If so and that didn’t work, I would open a ticket with Cambium support to RMA the device.

Hello, thanks for the answer. The radio does not respond to the default IP and cannot be accessed.

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