PMP 450b: Short Reboot vs. Long Reboot

We just got our first shipment of 450b High Gain SMs, and are curious as to the functional difference between the Short and Long reboot functions (other than one taking longer than the other, obviously).

Short reboot restarts the radio application components, so all configuration changes will take effect. Links drop and re-establish, etc.

Long reboot behaves closer to the way a power cycle does. It's need to get the board into a state where it can upgrade software and other low-level tasks. The software will automatically force this mechanism when needed, so normally you just click 'reboot' and the board will choose the proper method.

A short reboot is a bit like simply logging out of windows or linux, then logging back in and restarting your apps. A long reboot is more like rebooting the entire computer, like if you need to update the BIOS.

In summary, you shouldn't need to concern yourself which method is being used.

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btw - This answer courtesy of Josh (engineering).  Thanks Josh!


Ahh, gotcha.  Nice to have the option to do either :)