PMP 450i - 256 Bit Encryption Key?

Looking for the part number for what the PMP 50i 256 bit encryption key that is mentioned within the PMP 450i datasheet is. When running through LINKPlanner when building a 3Ghz design this is not coming up. Is this not within the LINKPlanner bill of materials or does it have to be selected separately?

AES 256 is a Feature Key that is purchased separately and applied to any AP or PTP hardware.

The part number you need is:

Part Number Description
C000045K009A 256-bit AES Enable License Key for 450 Platform
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One additional note, this key is only required on the AP (in a PMP scenario), or for one end of a PTP link (i.e. the Backhaul Master, or BHM). The SMs and Backhaul Slave (BHS) will take the encryption method from the AP/BHM.

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Why is security a “license key”? Shouldn’t encouraging good security just be a standard feature set?

They provide you 128-bit AES for free. I would imagine that there are very few users along with export restrictions on 256-bit AES, and so that’s why it’s an optional, licensed item.

Appreciate the feedback on this. The reason behind the question was that the customer that was looking for the fixed wireless solution required that it had 256-bit encryption as a part of the solution. Without that feature a given solution would be dropped from the design process.

The other reason is that it was no obvious within LINKPlanner how find and add the 256-bit key with the overall design, but I found it looking at LINKPlanner on a different design - You can select it if it is an option under Equipment → Encryption Variant and then in the drop down you can select the AES with 256 Key.

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