PMP 450i 900Mhz

Anyone that uses the PMP 450i 900Mhz. How do you shut off customers. When the SM is offline and not connected to the AP. I have some seasonal customers on that type of equipment now most times when they call in to get there service turned off. The unit is already offline. So how can I make sure that the unit wont connect back up and pass internet through until they call again.

How do you authenticate users on your network? You can certainly use RADIUS to achieve this goal, based on the IP address saved to that SM.

There are many other options to manage authentication to your network as well.

Use RADIUS EAP-TTLS. Use MAC address for the user and when the SM comes on but does not work you get a call. Unfortunately you will need to schedule a visit to push your new certificates and reprogram the SM to auth by RADIUS.

You can also use this to push QOS and just about every other setting to the SM on auth. Just make sure you use a SQL backed RADIUS system or you will have to restart the service evertime you make an edit.

Those will all work but the simplest way is to just disable the ethernet link on the SM. It can still be accessed through the wireless side so you can turn it back on remotely any time. Its right on the GENERAL splash page when you log in. We used to use it back in the old FSK days and works just fine.

The problem with doing that is you can not access the sm on site if you had to or say they pull the plug on you so you cant access the modem to do the ethernet port shutdown. This method still does get the client to call in, but it is usually better to take a support call for no internet and then point them to try getting to google only for a splash page to come up telling them there is an account issue. Normally this takes the fight and complaints out and usually gets you paid, which is the normal reason for disconnecting a client. Even better have a payment portal for them to do it without you needing to be involved and a script to release the redirect and reboot (not actually needed but its easier than sending a POD) the SM automatically.

Managing a few dozen manually isnt bad, but time is expensive and a few hundred clients can make for a full time position to monitor and change client qos rates and or disconnects/reconnects. Especially when it can be automated.

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We just add their IP to a walled garden and any page they try to browse to they get a paywall.

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