PMP 450i aux port

I watched the PMP 450i 900 MHz webminar and I have  a question related to the UGPS

I wonder if the aux port on PMP 450i 900 MHZ AP if enabled will it provide 56v and sync as well? Also, if a surge suppressor is required between the aux and the second radio being powered by the aux port?

I installed my first uGPS and 900 MHz 450i AP together last week - every other install has been CMM4's, and every uGPS install has been on PTP450 radios.  From all of the reading I could do, it looks like the 450i AUX port will output the 56 VDC and sync as you describe.  And, it looks like the uGPS will take 30 VDC power into it's main/center power port, but will also acce[t 56 VDC into the side/sync ports.

I did not put a surge suppresor between my 450i AUX port and the uGPS, but I will assume that i fyou have any great distance or cable run between the devices, you should have one in place.  Best practices and all.

Another question, what is the maximum bandwidth that your are passing through?

In my application I am not using the Ethernet side, just the sync data from the uGPS.  I assume you are connecting another radio or camera device to your Aux port?  The user manual for 14.2 shows the Aux port as being 100-BaseT capable, but it also says that Ethernet is not supported in the "current release 14.1.1", so I'm a little confused on if it's supported in 14.2 or not.  Poor documentation once again.

The 450i AUX port is supported in Release 14.2. You're correct that it supports up to 100BT (it does not support gigE).

Although the new feature is indicated in the Release Notes, I see where the User's Guide references 14.1.1 and states that AUX support isn't yet available. I'll get a note over to the doc team asking for that to be corrected.


It is better to use the surge suppressor between radios for protection.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

I am at the exact same stage right now. 

I am currently trying to provide sync on a pmp100 900mhz using the aux port of a pmp450i SM that is in session with a pmp450 365 AP that is currently syncing via CMM. 

I have set the pmp100 900mhz and selected autosync + free run.

Followed the proper pinout diagrams. 

This might sound like simple question but i am assuming i would need to enable the aux port on the pmp450i SM in order to get sync pulse?

Sync pulse source is currently searching. 

I think the only difference here is i am trying to get sync on an old pmp100 900mhz rather then a pmp450i 900mhz.