pmp 450i dfs hits ... can't figure it out!!

Hi, a few day ago i replaced a pmp 450i that was damaged; the old unit had 14.2.1 and all works correclty; the new unit has 15.1.1 and i have many DFS hits and the radio stop to  transmit for 30 minutes....; i tried to upgrade to 15.2 but this attempt did not solve the problem....; i try to downgrade from 15.1.1 to 14.1.2 without success...; at the moment i don't know what to do.....our customers are not happy about be disconnected 3 or 4 times a day...; this my configuration

country europe: (cannot change to other)

country: other

c b : 20mhz

band: 5580 (i tried several frequencies....)

i also try to change the external gain but it didn't help....; 

i'm very disappointed.... can anybody help me?

This isn't a guaranteed perfect cure, but I had found that 15.1.1 was too sensitive with false detects on DFS, and that 15.0.2 was more stable in that regard - it's definitely worth a try!

Dfs is a tricky one. Can you tell me what the gain setting is for your antenna? Does it match what you are using?

my cambium sector gain is 17 db, i tried many values....5 - 10 - 15 - 17.....but it doen't help. Is there a way to downgrade? every previous versione i tried to installa with cnut, i got a "invalid file image" error

I would open a trouble ticket with repect to cnut downgrade. Your gain setting on the web page should match the antenna gain.