PMP 450i dish CPE

Hello I see the PMP 450d is a 25db dish CPE for the 450 platform. Will there be a similiar 25db dish or higher gain than that for PMP450i? It seems weird to not see a 450i dish CPE yet. Thanks

Darin, For 450i, we have the option of a high gain intagrated flat panel antenna, giving 23 dBi gain.

We also offer the connectorized SM, to which you can attach the antenna that you require to achieve the desired link budget.

At this point, there is no plan to introduce a reflector dish-style SM for the 450i.

What's the reasoning behind the choice of a flat panel for the "High-End" PTP version (PTP450i), an antenna with big side-lobes in a product that has a high chance of being co-located with other noisy stuff.

And for PMP450d we have a really nice dish, with 2dbi higher gain, 7 vs 10° beam-widht, less and smaller side-lobes. Not to mention at least one extra db in the recieve budget due to the non-existance of coax jumper cables and connections.

The (dish)CPE has a better antenna than its (integrated)PTP counterpart. Why?

Just taking a stab at it... but I think one reason why Cambium is releasing a 450i with an integrated panel instead of a dish is due to the industrial nature of the 450i series. I think Cambium has already extensively tested the radio+flat panel antenna design and feels safe to assign it an IP66/67 rating along with optional ATEX/HAZLOC certified models. This model is more geared towards being used in really harsh environments.

The 450d, although it may have better antenna specifications, is only IP55 rated and my guess is it would take a lot of time and money and additional engineering to have it certified for IP66/67/ATEX/HAZLOC use. The 450d is designed to be a lower cost, and easier to deploy replacement for the vanilla 450 SM + reflector dish.

Lastly, when firmware 14.1 rolls around, you can use a 450d SM with a 450i AP as long as you stick to the channel/freq's that the 450d is certified for.