PMP 450i Field Performance webinar Sep 17

Eric Ozrelic of Webformix will join Matt Mangriotis in this webinar where we share field data and take your questions/comments. Sign up for the webinar here.

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Thanks Ray! Although the new PMP450i is being marketed/positioned more as an 'industrial' product (that's where the 'i' in PMP450i comes from), there are situations where PMP450 operators can benefit from using the PMP450i at the tower and possibly on the client side as well. I will be going over some of these benefits based on real world testing on my WISP network. I'd encourage anyone that uses the PMP450 line to check this webinar out. Thanks!


In the webinar it was mentioned that by reducing packet size the amount of data that was able to be passed through the ap was increased.  Can the packet size be adjusted in the ap or is it a change that needs to be implemented in the network?

Sorry for the misunderstanding. 

The test sets can inject any size packet desired (or a mix of packet sizes).   When the test sets inject smaller packets, the difference between the 450 and the 450i becomes more apparent, because the 450i can process packets more quickly, so the throughput gain seen during this comparison is greater.

Neither the PMP 450 nor the PMP 450i control the packet size of the data that is flowing over the link.

Also, thanks for attending and that slide we were unable to present can be seen in the recording of the earlier webinar.

The replay of the PMP 450i Field Perrformance webinar is HERE. Please post any questions that you have to this thread.