PMP 450i problem

Im a wisp in upstate new york. we just resently sent up a 450i 900 mhz system we are haveing trouble keeping the sm connected to the ap. Our signal streght is -35db and hold for about 10 minutes and then disconnects from the ap.  We are up for any sugesstions we have tried almost everything to fix this problem.

Wow, a signal of -35dB is incredibly high. How far away is the SM from the AP? ALSO, what do you have the AP's SM Receive Target Level set to? What does the SM say the signal to noise ratio is?

If this is a test environment, you might want to turn down the TX power on the AP, and set the SM Receive Target Level to -60dBm.

I would also do a spectrum on both the SM and AP, one set with both doing the spectrum at the same time to only see background noise, and another on the SM while the AP is running.

An amazing signal can still get jammed out by amazingly strong noise, so the first set of spectrums will look for that.  The second is to see if the -35 the SM is reporting is accurate - it might be lying to you, in which case you'll see a very different signal strength from the spectrum.

If you run a link capacity, and  enable Signal to Noise Ratio Calculation during Link Test, what percentages of each modulation is it using?  Does it look stable?