PMP 450i-SM with BATS QDP radio disconnecting

I am having an issue with the PMP450i disconnecting from the ICU of the Quick Deploy Positioner (QDP).  This equipment is being used on our Mobile Command Unit to get network connectivity.  We have three target frequencies for the QDP to track on in a 360deg AP cluster.  When the 450i starts to register it disconnects from the network and the QDP system starts to scan again and moves away from AP signal.  Also during powerup it will not connect at all.  I have to reboot radio after QDP system has been powered up. I have attached information from the ticket open with BATS and Cambium custumer support file. 

Hi, I have forwarded your question to our product team.

What is the application that you are using  the QD positioner for? Can you share a brief description or some photos?



The rear mast has the QDP and it will track on our AP cluster in the centre of the city to obtain network connectivity.

Update on QDP install

Network - Had an issue with QDP disconnecting when a link was established.  I was trying to use a different management VLAN on the PMP450i radio.  The Interface Control Unit (ICU) will only talk to radio on management VLAN 1. It has no way of changing this. Issue resolved.

Sanning - Had an issue scanning and locking onto targets. ICU would scan past target before PMP450i could negotiate the link and would miss it.  After a firmware upgrade BATS was able to slow down the scan rate therefor allowing time for the radio to establish link.  The ICU was now able to recognize that the link was established and optimize the link. Issue resolved.

Since we are using this as a land based system we needed to map out hotspots within the city to ensure connectivity.  We are also able to get NLOS links in areas with high reflections.  GPS targeting can also be used,  but a marine GPS antenna that outputs HDT sentences to be able to identify reference position is needed.

Hope this helps others


Wow, that's an impressive setup and a cool vehicle.

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