PMP 450i throughput limit

Hi everyone, 

i have lots of PMP 450i radios in the field. their QoS is set to 40 down/2 up. when i run i speed test, i can only get 20 meg down. link capacity test says i should get 115 meg. any ideas? 

i am 1.5 miles away from tower...

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Hey joshwehe... what type of SM are you using? What firmware revision are you using on both AP and SM? Is the SM in NAT or bridge mode? I believe that there's been some chatter about QoS settings bug in the recent firmware releases.

Hi Josh,

Could you please capture CNUT logs of an AP and SM, which has throughput issue, and email it to me at




i am using a PMP 450i SM, firmware 15.0.3, in bridge mode