PMP 450i Upgrade


is CNUT the only way to upgrade the firmware in a PMP 450i unit?

What if I want to upgrade using a Mac?

Is it possible to use SNMP to upgrade the firmware?

Thank you


Yes, CNUT is the only way to upgrade the PMP450i radio.

We have CNUT setup or image files only for Window & Linux OS and not for Mac. However, we can use Wireless Manager Software to upgrade the radio. This Wireless Manager works based on SNMP.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

Hi Vijay,

thank you for your answer.

I use a private and custom-developed tool to manage all our clients (ePMP, MikroTik...) and I would like to add PMP 450i support.


I can't understand why CNUT is the only way. On PTP 650 and ePMP you have a web page where you can upload the firmware and upgrade, and it's the logical way to do it. Why enabling only CNUT?

Is there any guide about SNMP upgrading of the radios? I would like to upgrade radios from my tool, using SNMP request, as I can do on ePMP platform (for example passing the URL of the upgrade package)

Wireless Manager Software is a paid software. I already have my custom software. I integrated ePMP very easily!

We have been forced to use CNUT from the beginning of the Canopy project in the Motorola days.  Many people have asked why they didn't adopt the web page idea of doing firmware upgrades from the Orthogon product line, much like the rest of the industry has.  We get no real answers.  CNUT is okay for bulk updating radios, and automatic subscriber updates, but that's about it.  It's Java interface is buggy and way out of date.  I hoped when they put some R&D into the 450 platform that they would update CNUT, but they're stuck in the past with it.

Your tool should be able to do what CNUT does.  CNUT is SNMP based as well.

We always wondered why didn't they call it the Canopy Updating Network Tool?  ;-)

It's such a good platform speaking of the radio part, but the software and the firmware feels so oooold...

And honestly it's a pity!

I'm sure it's something that goes back to the Motorola days - Motorola does amazing things with radios, but their software is crap.  Other companies have great software, but their radios and hardware is crap.

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Sure, but with ePMP Cambium did a good job on both parts and it's always improving.

I think it's time to work also on software! :-)

You can try running a VM with the appropriate Linux distribution on your Mac.

We have never used the ePMP stuff.  Besides terrain challenges, 2.4 and 5 GHz are so saturated in our areas that they don't work too well anymore.  We have been migrating to 900 MHz and 3.65 GHz.

Yes, it's a workaround, but... Not a real solution :-D

Hey Folks,

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but likewise, is the only way to update the SM via CNUT?  I upgraded my 450i AP's but managed to not upgrade the SM's.



Yup, CNUT is the only way.  But, you don't necessarily need a direct IP connection to the SM's.  You can set up the AP for auto updates and it will update all SM's registered to it.

Thanks archerman.  So last question: if an AP updates before the SM, can the SM still be updated even though the software isn't consistent anymore between the AP & SM?



Yes.  Most of the software updates are backwards compatible.  And I think was only the change around v9.5 (maybe) that there was an incompatability.  Just read some release notes as there are issues with PMP430 stuff and compatibility modes and new channel bandwidths (if you're doing any 430 stuff).

Cool, thanks again.  Must have a misconfiguration in my CNUT then (that just sounds funny...)  I'll figure that out and hopefully get the SM's to upgrade.



Make sure the Autoupdate field in your AP is pointed at your CNUT IP address.  The log in the bottom of the window will show error messages or anything that's going on.  Feel free to PM me if you have issues.