PMP 450i with the 3 Ghz Radios - Frequency Range?

Is the 3Ghz frequency band that is served by the PMP 450i considered the same frequency range as the older definition from the FCC? The older definition was 3.65 Ghz, but the current PMP 450i can support from 3.5 Ghz to 3.7 Ghz correct? Lastly, the older term of “soft license” is still a factor since you will need to purchase the CBRS license in the region in the US that you are looking for, correct?

Cambium has lots of information on CBRS. They’ve been pretty much at the forefront in the CBRS movement. I’d watch this Cambium video on CBRS and if you still have additional questions, come back to the forum and ask.

Agree with Eric that there is a LOT of info available on the site, and that you should do some additional reading, as it’s a fairly complex topic.

However, to answer your specific questions.

Yes, the original 450 models that supported the old “3.65 GHz” band do indeed cover 3.55 to 3.7 GHz, and are capable of Part 96 (CBRS) operation.

The 450i, 450b and 450m cover the entire 3 GHz band.

CBRS does not require any license at all to operate in GAA, but there is a priority tier (called PAL) for which an auction was held recently, and which will be implemented in about a month.