PMP 450m 120 Degree sector

does the PMP 450m have a 90 degree sector or 120?

PMP450m is 90deg in sector mode.

So we have 3. One of them i am “side loading” by 30deg at 90 and 5 at 120deg. So why is that? Also the spec says 120deg with 6db loss

Antennas are specified with a certain azimuth (horizontal) and elevation (vertical) beamwidth.

Industry convention is to specify the total azimuth where the peak gain decreases by 3 dB, known as the “3 dB rolloff”. In the case of the 450m, this is + and - 45 from center, therefore it is specified as a 90 degree antenna.

However, the energy doesn’t simply disappear beyond these angles. It continues beyond these widths, and is about 6 dB lower than peak gain at + and - 60 degrees from center, which is why we specify that it has a “6 dB rolloff at 120 degrees”. This can easily be seen in the antenna pattern.

What do you mean when you say “side loading”? I am unfamiliar with that term.

Can you email me? I can share data and hopefully you can answer the question of why does this work?