PMP 450m Antenna File

Is there a ".ant" antenna pattern file available for the 450m? I would like to be able to add the patter to towercoverage for planning deployments.



Was an file ever provided for the antenna pattern?


Nope. Sure wish there was.

We're still working to get this in the requested format... sorry.

Note that the file will only be valid for "sector mode" operation.  When the 450m is doing beamforming, the pattern does not look the same.  The key point is that the 450m will never violate the 36 dBm EIRP maximum set by regulations in most regions (with respect to 5.8 GHz band).

While we wait for the ant file, is there any chance we can at least get the picture plot of the vertical beam on the PMP450M? I'm trying to figure out my downtilt calculations and all I have is a 8deg beam with 2 deg down of electrical. Does that mean we still have 2 degrees of vertical beam above the horizontal line or is all 8 degrees below horizontal?

Do you have any update on the pattern since posted in 03/07/2017?  

Hi, Any update about this? anything from Cambium sure help us.

Figured I woudl bump this, I too would like a .ant file so I can create accurate coverage maps.

The polar plots (including elevation) are attached.  I will work on getting the spec sheet updated to reflect this.

Note that this is during "sector mode" operation, but that beamforming can change these values by up to 8.5 dB.


Is there any chance to get the .ant files for the 450m? I cannot use pdf files into the coverage map application. 

I’m assuming beamforming would increase gain if anything. So if I make predictions using this pattern I’m under representing what I’ll get with beam forming. Would that be a fair assumption?

Is there a way to know for sure what our gain is on a particular azimuth/elevation, or does beamforming make that too complicated?

…and not to be a rash, but are these plots available for the 3.5ghz 450m?

Yes, beamforming makes this more complicated… but LINKPlanner makes it easy! I sent you plots already… but will work on formatting them and posting them here shortly.

Any progress on these?
.ant files for the 3.5ghz 450m would be great…

Anyone have the ant file yet?


What does the “H C” vs. “H X” designate on the plots you posted? Obviously H and V are horizontal and vertical respectively, but I’m not familiar with the C and X bits.