PMP 450m CBRS 5g

Can CnMedusa ePMP 450m for 5g using CBRS band?

First off, 450m 3GHz and the 450 line have nothing to do with ePMP, so don’t get the two product lines confused. PMP450 is FPGA based and ePMP is WiFi based.

There are multiple interpretations as to what constitutes “5G”, from a technical standpoint, PMP450m 3GHz on CBRS is not 5G, it is not compatible with LTE (even though it borrows technology commonly used in 5G, like massive MU-MIMO)… but from an experience standpoint, it can deliver “5G-like” fixed wireless.

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Thank you for enlightening me , and for quick response
I will edit the title and remove ePMP and say just PMP

I guess I cannot really use 5g core network platforms with PMP 450m which was the original question but I understand 5g like experience

I am close to setting up my FWA network with CnMedusa PMP 450m , any suggestions on what other Cambium products I should be using , I do have Mikrotik Switch and Mikrotik Router

Thanks in advance