PMP 450m cnMedusa streaming session replay

You can view the replay of the streaming session HERE. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.

Medusa stream.jpg


Great presentation.

I am keen to see it in the 2.5-2.6ghz and 3.5ghz bands.

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Check out Matt's Blog on the PMP 450m with cnMedusa technology HERE.


What is the preferred CPE paring for this AP?


Both 450 and 450i SMs work with the 450m. This is documented in the  SPECIFICATION SHEET of PMP-450m. 


Kumaran K

Below is the link to download the spec sheet and other documents.

So glad I have a Medusa sitting on my desk. Thanks guys. I would have it up on the tower but it decided to snow and have sub zero temp.

I do have a question? I want use the fiber port and I am wondering what cable you recomend for the tower?

Specs for the SFP?

I could make my own with the sparing we have lying around. Would that be a bad idea.

I believe you can use the same exterior fiber cable the recommend for the PTP820s. CTI (or whatever they call themselves now) distribute it spliced to the exact length you require. The only thing you might want to be careful of is they leave almost 12 inches of unshielded fiber hanging out to the connector from the weather proof material

Side note: You have to wait a month for the next firmware release I believe and pay Cambium_Matt his $350~ shake down money, err, licensing fee, to enable the fiber port

I guess he is saving up for a boat...

VTX is pretty much right on... the SFP port is not active in the current software release.  We are targeting R15.1 (currently scheduled for January release) to enable this port, and only support the SFP kits that we sell.

Both single mode and multi-mode fiber modules are available for $295 MSRP.  The kits contain 3 things:

1) the license key to enable the port

2) the SFP module (again, both Single-Mode and Multi-mode Fiber ports are available)

3) the extended PG-16 style gland to protect the cable and radio


Single Mode Optical SFP Interface per ODU

1310nm / 1000BaseLX


Multi-mode Optical SFP Interface per ODU

850nm / 1000BaseSX


Gig-Ethernet SFP Interface per ODU


As a side note, the reason we only support these options is because they are fully tested and vetted, and we want to ensure customers are properly protecting ingress to this very expensive radio (by including the extended gland).

Also, I can't afford a boat... maybe I should ask for a raise.  :)

I have a question about ERIP and having 14x14 antennas...

If this was to talk to 7 clients at once  and the ERIP is 36dbm would that mean at max it could only talk to the clients at around 1.5dbm xmit power?

Wouldnt that seariously limit the range you can get vs a 450i with 20dbm xmit on a 16dbi gain antenna?

Not exactly... the antenna gain is not linearly split among the various SMs that it is talking to at any given point in time.  Rather, through phasing and interference patterns, the energy is directed toward the SMs of interest at the highest gain possible.

The radio total EIRP will never exceed 36 dBm, but can always reach that to any SM that it's trying to talk to.