PMP 450m Details

What is the expected range of the PMP 450m? It doesn't seem like it is mentioned in the Spec sheet.

Also, if the PMP can be used as an AP, does that mean I can connect device as a receiver?


Hey Anaspe... the expected range depends on a number of factors, including what band is being used, your country's EIRP limitations, and the desired minimum level of performance. A great way to see what your range would be given those metrics would be to use Cambium's free LinkPlanner... available HERE. As an example, here in the USA using the 5.7-5.8ghz band, you'd probably want to keep your clients within 10 miles or 16km of the AP. You could go farther, but your client throughput will suffer.

The PMP450m AP can only be used as an access point. A PMP450 SM can only be used as a client radio.


Thanks buddy.

I have a lot more questions that I wanted to ask. Is there anyway we can chat?

Hey there, best place to ask questions is in the forum here so that Cambium staff, forum members, and myself can answer and also learn. You can continue to ask questions on this thread, or start a new topic. You can also reach out to your Cambium regional sales manager or technical manager... contact information can be found HERE. Thanks!


So it's not the sales information that I need. I was working on a guide which gives an idea to which product a User can use and it had basic information like the name, it's performance, angle that it broadcasts and information like that.

I was going through the website and it is complicated like anything. A new user, if he comes in to Cambium, he would be $hit confused and would go for any other brand. I have worked a lot on Ubiquiti device. They have a guide named Which product should I use, it helps with all the information that is needed to select a product based on the purpose.

So if you can help, or any other developer, moderator, who would like to help, I would appreciate it. I can either be reached through this forum or at

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I have forwarded your post to our support and product teams. Of course, there are network operators like Eric who will allso help.


Anaspe, can you show us an example of what you've gathered so far in this guide?

What products are you trying to compare? Licensed or unlicensed backhaul, point to multipoint products, enterprise or home WiFi products? Both Ubiquiti and Cambium cover a large range of devices with different use cases. That's why people usually ask questions in the forum or they'll speak with an regional technical manager (RTM) to get help on whatever project they're trying to accomplish. If you don't want to go through and RTM, Cambium's also provided LinkPlanner that will let you swap between various products to see what performance you can expect given certain criteria.

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So my plan is only to cover basic stuff. For me, no one comes up to me asking for advanced setup. The most basic of questions that they ask are:

- I want to connect 2 of more buildings, how do I do that?

- I want WiFi for home, hotel, retaurants, etc, how do I achieve that?

I am working on a guide which only tells the performance, range, Angle of the antenna. What radio works with what antenna, stuff like that.

I am not looking at advanced features but rather the most basic of stuff to understand.

I started my research with Access products and spent 2 days on it. 1 category having 5-10 products. I am not comparing as every company has their way of working but if we have a guide which explains and gives me options of which product can be used in which scenario with what other acessories including other alternatives, that is what I am looking at. I hope you get my point here.

I have created an excel raw sheet. How do I share it? I have attached it here if that helps. It's just half way done.

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Hi Anaspe,

 Please contact me in PM and for sure we can work on your needs.