PMP 450m's disguise in Marostica (Vicenza - Italy)

A disguised PMP 450m and a PMP 450i installed on an ancient ruined castle on the Marostica's own hill in Veneto (Italy).

Defensive walls descend to enclose the hillside and the town centre below in a protective embrace.

Marostica bills itself as the 'City of Chess': every two years a medieval-themed festival is held here, when a giant chess game is enacted with human chess-pieces. This takes place in the town square, Piazza del Castello, where the paving marks out a huge chessboard.

Can you find them? ;)

This was a close-in of the previous PMP 450

More close-in photos will follow soon...


Great images! Medieval meets Twenty-First Century.

I love the Brick overlay on the radio! Well done!