PMP Band 10-30 GHZ?

It is necessary to create a sectorized link but at a frequency higher than 6 Ghz in licensed bands. Please some solution in Cambium.

There must be a good reason why nobody did it so far. Let’s start with the physics.

At 10GHz, very small 400mm antenna (1.3 ft) has 4.6 degrees bandwidth (-3dB) so it’s essentially a pretty strong directional antenna no matter how you look at that.

Sure, there are some special antennas which we can call “sector” such as Sector antenna JSMA-10-50 : Antennas for 10/11 GHz : Wi-fi antennas
45 degrees for -3dB, okej, better than nothing. But look at that gain : 16dBi. That would be 13dBi at best on the sides. You have higher free space loss, so at any given distance, 11GHz will lose much more signal than 5GHz solutions.

And it gets worse as you raise the frequency. 20GHz sector ? 30GHz sector antenna ? Show me.

I’m not touching licenses etc. These high frequencies are already occupied all around the world, their usage is harmonized across countries etc.

It’s not as simple as “here’s my 20 bucks, swap some 5GHz radio for 18GHz one and hit the tower”.

For frequencies greater than 6GHz we have a licensed 28Ghz solution and an unlicensed 60Ghz solution. You can find more information from our website. What is the use case/ application where you need >6GHz PMP?


A licensed PMP above 6GHz is already on the market, please see the link below;