I would like the ability to configure completely separate RADIUS servers (both auth and acct) for GUI/management user logins and SM registration. The idea is on-net management systems and off-net billing/customer systems.

Unless this can be done now and I'm just missing something...

I wholeheartedly concur with this request.  Device and Admin authentications should be separate servers.

This is currently in development for the PMP product line.

For the ePMP product line, this is not currently in the development plan, and will be considered in the future.

Has this been implemented?

Another thing I would like to see if the ability to have the SMs inherit the radius settings of the AP, so that every SM can easily use Radius authentication to log in. Maybe it should be a separate idea...

I guess another way to approach this would be to have a standard configuration file for every SM that includes this information.

plz add PMP radius behavior to ePMP devices. can’t set radius user auth on SMs with wpa2 :slight_smile: