PMP issues using DHCP option 66

Hi all!

We have been using DHCP option 66 since 2016 to configure all of our PMP450 sm’s, and have never had any issues. We have separated config files for each sm, no “golden config”.

Now we are suddenly experiencing issues were some sm’s keep downloading the config repeatedly and constantly! If we reboot the sm, it stops this behavior, but then suddenly another sm’s starts the same behavior. This floods the tftp server, and in worst case the tfpt stops. Here is a screenshot of the log taken from the sm who started this today:

-and the log is completely full of theese entries…

This particular sm has firmware version 22.1 (Build BETA-2), but we have seen this on other versions as well (probably on at least).

I have no clue why this is happening, so I hope some of you might be able to help me!?

I’d thought I would mention as well, that at the end of the config file, we have theese:
“cfgFileString”: “Canopy configuration file”,
“cfgFileVersion”: “1.0”,
“configFileParameters”: {“rebootIfRequired”: true}

And here are an example of the whole config if anyone is interested:

 "userParameters": {
	  "siteName": "Customer name",
	  "siteContact": "telephone",
	  "siteLocation": "Street address",
	  "latitude": "+00.00000",
	  "longitude": "+0.00000",
	  "height": 3
	  "uplinkBurstAllocation": 0,
	  "sustainedUplinkDataRate": 150000,
	  "sustainedDownlinkDataRate": 150000,
	  "downlinkBurstAllocation": 2500000,
	  "maxDownlinkDataRate": 150000,
	  "maxUplinkDataRate": 150000
	  "lowPriorityDownlinkCIR": 4000,
	  "lowPriorityUplinkCIR": 512
	  "colorCodeList": [{"colorCode": 20,"priority": 1},						     {"colorCode": 10,"priority": 2}],
	  "bandwidthScanList": [100,
  "smVlanConfig": {"ingressVID": 30},
  "vlanConfig": {"dynamicLearning": 0},
  "radioConfig": {"regionCode": 18},
	   "userName": "xxxxxx",
	   "level": 3,
	   "password": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
	   "readOnly": false
	   "userName": "xxxxxxx",
	   "level": 3,
	   "password": "xxxxxxxxxx",
	   "readOnly": false
	  "bridgeTableSize": 4,
	  "lanDhcpState": 1,
      "packetFilterBootpServer": 1,
	"webAccess": 2,
	  "packetFilterDirection": 1
  "smNetworkConfig": {"bridgeTableRestrict": 1,
  					  "networkAccess": 1,
                      "enable8023link": 1},
  "smNetworkSecurityConfig": {"ethAccessEnable": 1}
 "cfgFileString": "Canopy configuration file",
 "cfgFileVersion": "1.0",
 "configFileParameters": {"rebootIfRequired": true}

HI rambern,

Could you please share engineering.cgi from the SM which is downloading the config file constantly.
Please email it to me at


I’ll post the email I sent Balaji (without the engineering files) here on the community for others to be able to compare if someone have the same issue:

Hi Balaji, and thanks for your response!

Attached is the engineering.cgi from a sm who has started this behavior since yesterday. I have not rebooted it yet, so the issue is in fact present at the time of fetching the engineering file. I’ll attach another engineering file for you, from the same sm after I have rebooted it, and the issue is gone (engineering1.cgi).

And by the way – it isn’t just one sm behaving like this – its multiple ones. If I reboot the one showing this behavior, that one stops doing it, but after a while, some other sm is starting. It seems very random, but at the same time, it seems like they are all connected to the same ap. That said, we have experienced this on sm’s on multiple ap’s.

I think the sm is still working for the customer while this issue is present, but our tftp-server seems to “get tired” of this behavior, and sometimes then stops it service.

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