PMP network in mesh

Good day. I am new to Cambium hardware. I am trying to design a system with about 20 radios (subscriber modules) that need to communicate with a central access point around a radius of about 1-3km. The problem is that the 20 subscriber modules have to be moved from time to time and there is a chance that one (or more) might not be able to see the central access point any more. Is there a way with Cambium PMP radios (like the epmp 3000) to be configured to operate as a ‘mesh’ or repeater? (if a radio loses line-of-sight with the main access point, it can still work through another close-by subscriber model that CAN see the main access point)


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Cambium’s ePMP, or the PMP450 product line, does not support subscriber module (SM) mesh. The system architecture is purely hub and spoke - AP communicates with SM’s only.

There are some things that you can do to facilitate NLOS operation, however. I recommend using ePMP 4500 AP’s for 5 GHz. Use Force 400C SM’s if you want a connectorized SM and use your own antennas, or use Force 425 for an SM with an integrated 25 dBi antenna. These units are also availble with a range extender option, which increases antenna gain by nearly 3 dBi. These devices use IEEE 802.11ax protocol, which has multipath mitigation techniques built in to handle some NLOS. Results operators are seeing is quite impressive.

Previous ePMP models, such as the ePMP 3000 use 802.11ac protocol, which has less immunity to multipath, and requires LOS for proper operation.

To optimize operation of your network, make sure you set the antenna downtilt and azimuths correctly at the AP location so that you are not wasting energy by covering areas larger than you need. Cambium’s Link Planner or cnHeat (if there is LIDAR data for your area) can do a good job of estimating performance to fixed SM locations so you can get a good idea of the performance you can expect. The propagation model used in Link Planner treats trees and other ground clutter as a wall, so I use it for LOS performance estimation, and bill of materials creation.

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Thank you very much for your answer Dave. I will plug the 4500 AP’s and 400 SM’s into my design and see what I get.
I have also looked at the cnPilot XV2-23T in a meshed topology, but I presume the range on these access points will be a problem, especially with omni antennas?

The Mesh WIfi is not really designed to be dynamic for starters. And yes, I’m sure range vs. performance would be an issue.

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