PMP New Solutions webinar

The replay of todays PMP webinar is HERE. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.

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When will be released 15.2 firmware?

When can we expect to see air-time fairness for 450? I imagine not 15.2. Maybe 15.3?

We are targeting 15.2 for late in the year, early December.

George - There are lots of scheduler updates going into 15.2 that will improve the way we handle traffic, provide more flexibility and options for better QoE.  Regarding airtime fairness specifically, we are addressing it using WFQ (weighted fair queueing) algorithms. This is planned for 15.2.

December - what?
You have big problems

Yes, Max.  As with many roadmap decisions, features move in and out, and we combine and split releases to do the best we can for our customers.

We want to achieve a balanced rollout of new software versions (so as not to have a new release every couple of weeks), but want to provide meaningful updates when we can.  

Of primary importance with every release, is the quality factor.  We take quality extremely seriously, and sometimes ensuring quality takes a little extra time.


Thank you, I understand you. we will wait for the new version

gud ppt

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Let us know if you have any questions.