PMP/PTP 450B 5 GHz High Gain PTP back haul issues with BHM AND BHS

Hello, we ordered around 100 PMP 450B 5 GHz High Gain radios a few months ago. We have had no issues when setting around 20 radios out in the field to SM/PMP mode going to sectors on the tower which are PMP 450's. The issues that we are starting to have is when we set a 450B to BHM and another to BHS to create a PTP link, we can set up basic configs in the shop(Color code,freq,bandwidth,IP'S,ETC) and get a link between the two no problem and no drop outs. But when we deployed our first 450B PTP link out in the field a month ago we got a link between the two immediatly and then about 1 hour later we lost the link. You could access the BHS(SM) side locally and the BHM(AP) side locally still, but we could never get the link back up and running. You could see the BHM from the BHS side when you scan for AP's but could not ping the BHM and could not ping the BHS from the BHM either. It would try syncing to register but would never go through for connection, BHM had a region code error and then eventually stop working all together and couldn't access the radio anymore remotely/locally. We ended up replacing the BHM radio with a brand new one out of the box and has had a solid connection for the past 26 day's. We just thought that the 450B BHM was just being faulty out of the Box and a brand new one fixed the issue which it "did" but two days ago we put up another 450B BHM-BHS PTP link at another location 30+ miles away from the other one and ended up having the same issue as before.... Stayed up for about an hour and then dropped out completly, region code error etc. Are we just that unlucky with possibly a bad batch of radios or maybe their is something going on with the sync between the two? It has always been the BHM that ends up going out and not being able to access it anymore, it's only a 1 1/4 mile shot between the two links. Also the 450B's that we have are part # C050045B022A from which I understand are compatiable for PMP and PTP links with the backhaul options. Thanks in advance.

What firmware are you using on these radios?