PMP SM Management

Will Cambium ever look into the option of being able to manage SMs via their APs on cnMaestro? 

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Based on a survey we did prior to adding PMP support in cnMaestro, we found that most customers do assign an IP address to the SMs. So enabling cnMaestro to manage SMs with AP acting as the proxy is not planned.

I suggest you post this to the "Ideas" section of the forum. The cnMaestro team looks at the most upvoted requests and prioritizes those.


(For anyone that searches for this ability and finds this thread - go plus one that suggestion.)

The AP to SM proxy is kind of one of those amazing features that this line of radios have.  Not utilizing it in cnMaestro is kind of a let down.

I'm guessing it's still not made it to any future feature list yet?