PMP100 13.4 Beacon Questions

Hello there, as of firmware 13.4, I've noticed PMP100 SM's now have a 'Beacons' percentage on the General Status page. What I've noticed is that every single PMP100 SM radio I've checked always seems to show 30% or less beacons. I've never seen 100% beacons. I know on the PMP450 line, if an SM showed anything less then 95% beacons, I wold be worried. Is this perhaps some bug in how the beacon percentage is calculated in the PMP100 line?

I have one FSK site (900MHz) on 13.4 and all the SMs show beacons are 100%. And it is very noisy. Not sure if that helps, just FYI.

After extensive troubleshooting with Cambium, I'm pretty sure I found a bug in how it's being reported. Lucky me!

I believe there's a bug fix scheduled for a future release.