pmp100 advantage acting strange

We recently upgraded our microwave to a ptp650 and couldnt be happier. But for some reason, one of the Aps in our cluster decided to stop working. We have never had problems with it in the past. Its not aiming in the same direction as the microwave. If i unplug it from the timing gear and treat it as an SM, im able to log into it fine with the exception of it saying snyc error which is normal i believe. However when its plugged back into the timing gear i cant log into it and all the SMs connected arent pingable and are offline. Ive been to the customers homes and logged into their sms and its saying connected to the AP. I tried hooking the AP up to a different port on the timing gear and it still wont properly connect and work. I ordered a replacement in case but i still feel its something simple im overlooking. Any thoughts of ideas would be greatly appreciated.

To add alittle more information; 

they are all version 11.2

i just logged into the AP via power injector and changed it to generate sync. Then i plugged it back into the last mile gear and 2 of the sms came online for about 10 seconds. The Ap then went offline as well and has been barely coming back online, the GUI is loading very slowly.

What did you upgrade your BH from?

What frequencies is everything on? We run a ton of PTP-650, PMP-100, PMP-450

we upgraded from a redline an-80i.

i figured out the problem. the ethernet end was corroded on top the tower. It seems the last climber neglected to check the ends. Crimped all new ends just to be safe. Worked great for a while. Currently migrating to epmp gear.

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