PMP100 issue

I’m new to canopy, my company just dropped this issue in my hands and i’ve no idea on what to do.
Here is the situation:
Prizm 3.10.r4
Advantage AP HW P10 FW 8.2 to 8.2.2
Lite SM HW P10 FW 8.1.5 to 8.2.1
These P10 SM are ok, but i have some SM that are P11, FW 9.4.2 that apeears in the management console like Generic SNMP Device. All configurations the same, exept for ip…
I’ve upgraded the AP to FW 9.5, but P11 SM are still generic.
Have someone a solution to all SM become fully managed? I suspect it’s not a firmware issue… Should i try latest version of Prizm, like 3.3.10?

Thanks in advance

Get to the latest Software version of Prizm. (Version 3.3.10) Prizm 3.3.10 supports up to Canopy Software 10.4. Older versions of the Prizm software only recognize up to certain versions of Canopy Software.

Check into your Prizm licenses as well. The Licenseing Server software was upgraded too, which you may need to upgrade your Prizm licenses if you decide to upgrade the software from Prizm 3.10.r4