pmp100 powered by force 110 backhaul

Hello i had an odd question.

If i have a site that is fed by an epmp backhaul and has an epmp access point, could a pmp100 advantage access point be plugged into the same switch to work to connect other pmp 100s? ive never tried this before and my biggest concern would be gps sync, would it be necessaryfor sync or will it even work without it? We are slowly migrating our network to epmp line but have a sector that is maxed out and i would like to remove some of the pressure off our main 6 access point cluster of pmp100 advantage until we can swap them to the new equipment.

So the subject of this post, and what you're asking are actually two different things, and both are confusing.

If your goal is GPS sync, and back to back frequency reuse between ePMP and PMP100/FSK... see my post HERE.

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