PMP100 - SM 5.2 Ghz


I have a SM that is not trasmitting, and even thought is really close to the AP is not detecting it. On the Home page the TX power is 0 dBm, but it's configured at 23 dBm. Also I enable the Vlan on the configuration, but then it shows Vlan not active when I go to the Vlan tab, for me to gain access to the SM I need to connect directly or a port with native Vlan. I've rebooted the SM, and loaded another configuration, no results. Any ideas?


Hi mnmontero,

Are you able to see any AP beakon in AP evaluation page of SM (Tools >> AP Evaluation)

None. It says scanning and no AP is detected.

I would look through the log files, then.  The event log might show a crash log or something similar indicating a problem, and some of the more specific log files might be helpful.

Hi mnmontero,

I apologise for the delay in responding. I would like to confirm few information: 

  1. Have you tried to isolate and find out if the issue is with AP or SM? Could you confirm if the AP is transmitting? You can do it by connecting the AP a known good SM and check if the AP is transmitting or if you are able to see the beakon? If you haven't done it please try it and let us know
  2. To eliminate the software related issue please upgrade the AP and SM software to the latest version 13.4.1, Here is the link where you can download the latest software 
  3. Once the software is upgraded and other Test (Known Good SM ) is able to see the AP, but yet you are not able to see the AP's beakon, please write an email to the to proceed further

The logs in the graphical interface? Or another type of logs?

Ted is referring to the Event Log in the radio... but have you attempted also to update software as suggested above?