Hello i had an odd question.

If i have a site that is fed by an epmp backhaul and has an epmp access point, could a pmp100 advantage access point be plugged into the switch to work to connect other pmp 100s? ive never tried this before and my biggest concern would be gps sync, would it be necessaryfor sync or will it even work without it? We are slowly migrating our network to epmp line but have a sector that is maxed out and i would like to remove some of the pressure off our main 6 access point cluster of pmp100 advantage until we can swap them to the new equipment.

Cambium supports ePMP and PMP100 GPS timing for back to back frequency reuse... there are a couple of caveats however... one, you'll need to make sure you use 2.5ms framing on the ePMP, and second, unless you're using 3rd party antennas with a high F/B ratio on the PMP100 side... that is, if you're using the stock PMP100 advantage AP w/integrated patch, you'll need do some things to reduce the amount of noise bleed off the back of the PMP100 AP... this is more important the lower down in the band you go... i.e. 2.4 GHz will be worse then 5GHz. Some things to do might be to create more physical seperation, add shielding, or use a connectorized PMP100 radio with an antenna that has a high F/B ratio.

For additional information, you'll want to take a look at this ePMP to FSK guide HERE, and you'll want to use the ePMP to PMP100 GPS sync spreadsheet located HERE to get the proper timing settings down.