Anyone heard anything about this new gear? i would think that this would be all over the place like a new big thing! mostly for the 900MHz band as it seems ubuiqiti will be moving in on moto’s 900 market so 14mbps agg throughput IS A BIG FRIGGEN DEAL!!! my question is how does the lite to advantage upgrade work? and has anyone had the pleasure of seeing any of this gear in action?

Thnx all

I don’t believe the 900Mhz is 14Mbps aggregate, only the 2.4, 5.2, 5.4, and 5.8.

Yah, surely the PDF spec sheet needs editing. It does have every band at 14mb. I would so like 14mb from the 900AP, but don’t see it happening. But maybe…

do you have a link for this product sheet???

Right here: … egory=6513

I am actually more interested in the PMP450. It will (according to the videos) add more bandwidth available to the PMP100 SMs. Got to wait about another year, though.

I don’t think the 105 does any faster in 900mhz.

yaaaa sorry to burst some bubbles but i’m willing to bet this is a “lite” AP the PDF says for 10 or fewer SMs, all the other specs are the same as the normal 100 series. and i spotted another typo… it says the AP 2460 only has 2 non overlaping channels… and the top and bottom freqs are not right… also the “lite” SMs are part numbers xx60 and so are these APs

here is an old doc with the part numbers listed… … esIss1.pdf

I belive its page 7 or 12 …

I wish it was something new, but the MSRP of $499 an AP, its gotta be lites… I’m guessing to compete with unbt… unbt only has moto in price, def. not dependiblitiy or system stability. maybe thruput in VERY ideal situaltions for unbt…

Yep, as I understand it you have to pay more to add more than 10 SMs to it. Big typo on the bandwidth, though. They should have the 900mhz noted at 4MB instead of 14MB. ... re=related

:( yup... lites

that was just it, we were really excited about a 900mhz AP that would deliver more than 4 mbps, but we put it up yesterday annnnnnnd no change then we talk to a salesman and he says oh no its only 4 mbps. basically we specifically asked about the throughput of the device and were told “oh yes it does as advertised 14mbps” so thats pretty dumb if you ask me. the data sheet makes no mention of the 900 band not being included with series. MOTO YOU MESSED UP