PMP320 Co-locate with Telrad LTE

So I am anxiously waiting for cnRanger, but in the mean time we are deploying Telrad's LTE product.  We have been happy so far with the solution.  I have a question though.  We are going to attempt to run both the 320AP and a Telrad Compact into the same 4x antenna.  2 ports for each.  I am trying to sync up the blocks in a frame and to do this I need to know a bit more about the how the Map symbols (5 or 7) and the extended range feature manipulate the frames.

As of now if the 320 is set to 75/25 - 10mhz channel.  I believe I have them in-sync except for about a 0.5% overlap.  or ruffly one block.

The base assumption on the 320 is:

10mhz channel size

75% download = 35 down blocks

25% upload = 12 up blocks

5 map symbols = 0 (?) blocks (upload or download?)

Extended range yes = 0 (?) blocks (upload or download?)

Total blocks in one frame = 47

Does this look right?

Unfortunately, nearly all the folks with expertise in the 320 product have moved on and are no longer accessible.  That product did follow the 802.16e standard with respect to frame structure (which, as you probably know) was the predecessor to the LTE standard, and shares many similarities.

You may be able to glean this information from searching on the frame structure of WiMAX, but we at Cambium no longer have the expertise.