PMP320 CPE Factory Reset Tool

Out of three computers I’ve tried, all XP Pro, the only one it has worked on is my co-worker’s laptop. The others won’t even open the program, they just keep crashing. Any ideas? It would be a bummer for a tech to be in the field and need this tool, only to have it crash.

Cambium support has told me that XP is the only supported OS for this tool and will not give me an indication of when a supported Win 7 version might available. This is very disheartening.

Hm. Aren’t they still selling APs? I hope they put the 3.65 frequency on their PMP 450 platform, especially if they are not going to support this one.

I haven’t had success with the reset tool but the only scenario we would ever require it for is when the radio is inaccessible due to a fat-fingered IP configuration. Using wireshark on laptop using DHCP will receive a gratuitous arp and you should be able to get back into the equipment in short order.

I guess we ought to just load a program on each computer that can search a range of IP addresses. Something simple that does not take much training and is easy to remember. I think one of our techs has used something like that so I’ll ask him. Windows binaries are there.

If you have problems with this and can get your techs trained in it, Wireshark will save a LOT of time versus scanning entire IP ranges. The SMs send gratuitous ARP out on boot.

Try installing the newest version of winpcap on windows 7 and see if the tool will load